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Navigate the journey of childbirth and early parenting confidently with Inclusive Fertility’s childbirth and newborn care education resources. Gain helpful insights for a smoother transition into parenthood.

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Essential Guidance for Nurturing Your Newborn

Embrace the journey of nurturing your newborn with guidance from Inclusive Fertility. Our resources and personalized support cover everything from the Golden Hour to going home, sleeping, feeding and so much more all the way up to 4 months old. We offer various class options, including separate three-hour classes for newborn care or childbirth, or a combined six-hour class with a discount. Our educational materials include a helpful slideshow for the newborn portion, and we even provide potential follow-up supports. We encourage inclusive participation, welcoming a third person (e.g., grandparent) to join the class. With our guidance, you can confidently navigate the early stages of parenthood.

Getting Started: Healthy Habits for New Parents

Start your journey as a new parent on the right foot with essential tips and practices for a healthy and happy family.

Creating a Nurturing Environment for Your Baby

Discover how to create a safe and loving environment that fosters your newborn's development and well-being.

Begin Your Parenthood Education Journey with Us

Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to care for your newborn and navigate parenthood successfully.

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